COVID – 19 has hugely changed to way in which we currently we work. We have responded to the crisis by changing our operation from a café to a take-away meals distribution point. But ….. we could not have done this without support from so many people and organisations who have all wanted to make certain our communities can meet the challenge of Coronavirus and its impacts.
So – we want to acknowledge this generosity by saying some thanks!

Firstly – our Inverness Foodstuff team: Led by June and Paula, we have developed a small flexible team who can work together safely, ensuring compliance with government guidance, to make and distribute meals and food to a range of individuals and families facing hardship at this time. Also, many of our other loyal volunteers are supporting the project behind the scenes in many ways. We owe a huge debt to all volunteers – new and old, for their continuing enthusiasm and commitment. IF provided more than 3,500 meals – along with food bags – in April alone! Thanks to the whole IF team!

We also want to show our gratitude to the many people who have made individual donations of food or money to support our extra work – it very touching that, at this difficult time, they chose to support Inverness Foodstuff. Thank you so much!

We also have had fantastic support – whether that be practical advice, food/equipment donations or financial funding – from a range of organisations, agencies and grant bodies or foundations. Some of this support has been specifically for reducing COVID-19 impacts in those particularly vulnerable at this difficult time – and some focussed on Inverness Foodstuff’s generic work. These donations/grants have been essential to allow the project to continue to meet the needs of those currently disadvantaged– and, importantly allow us to plan to continue to meet their needs in the longer term. Thank you all!

The organisations that have supported Inverness Foodstuff can be found on the Partner page of our website.

Finally – Inverness Foodstuff want to thank everyone at Ness Bank Church who, by letting us now rent their wonderful facilities and space for a full five days a week, have enabled our response to the COVID-19 crisis. This would have been completely impossible without their ongoing support and belief in the what we do. Thank you friends!