Project Description

Supporting the Homeless

Almost 1 in 10 people in Scotland have experienced homelessness at some point over recent years.


In Inverness almost 500 families and individuals are homeless at any one time. Most are in temporary accommodation that provides basic conditions of comfort. Kitchens or bathrooms may be shared. Others will ‘couch surf’, make do with whatever they can find or even sleep rough.  Prolonged time is spent living in unsettled circumstances. Living in close proximity with others (whose lives may be difficult), being subject to ‘boarding house rules’, having little money, sharing cooking facilities, makes living a healthy, positive and ‘normal’ life challenging.  For those with other challenges, it’s not a simple way to get lives back on track – and so the cycle repeats…

Having somewhere safe and secure to stay is critical but it alone can’t solve everyone’s issues– for some, the risk of debt or lives spiraling out of control is ever present.

Knowing that at Inverness Foodstuff there is a welcome, warmth and food – as well as advice and signposting to services which can prevent crises – can make all the difference.



Who are we as human beings if we ignore the suffering of others?