How to Donate

As a small charity, Inverness Foodstuff provides a regular facility to help the homeless and vulnerable in our area and we are so very grateful for the generosity of our donors and to our committed volunteers. Although we have great links with local businesses who provide much of our food each week we still need other funds to ensure that Inverness Foodstuff keeps delivering a service to our participants.

It costs us approximately £80 to provide the food for the three session a week at which we feed on average 30 – 35 people a session.

Donating £5 will provide two meals for one participant; £10 will provide two meals for two participants and so on.

Listed below are various schemes to help you make a choice.

Via PayPal:

1) Make a one-off donation

2) Join our regular giving scheme

3) Leave a legacy

4) Every two weeks we do a provision shop at Tesco which is delivered to the Drop-in Centre. Would you like to donate and help with this as a one-off shop or on a regular basis, e.g. monthly, two-monthly, three- monthly etc.

5) If you are a regular shopper at Tesco and/or Scotmid would you be willing to donate your vouchers which will enable us to purchase the provisions needed for Inverness Foodstuff.

Payment Information

Payment can be made by credit card using PayPal and you can opt in to giving Gift Aid if you are a UK tax payer  on the PayPal payment page.

If you would like to be a regular donor then you can use a standing order or direct debit.

Vouchers can be handed in to one of our sessions.